Ultra-Portable Netbook: eee-pc 901

The new eee-pc 901 from Asus is one of the lightest, handiest little laptops we've ever seen. Based on the Intel Atom processor, it out-performs prior eee models, which were based on older Celeron chips.  The laptop has 1GB of RAM, upgradable to 2GB. (We can do the upgrade for you if you are an existing client.)  Wireless B, G, and N support means that this laptop will usually go as fast as your wireless network can handle.

The eee-901 comes in Windows or Linux versions.  Don't worry - the Windows version comes with fast & reliable Windows XP - No Vista worries!  The Linux version has a slightly bigger hard drive (20GB total vs. 12GB on the Windows version), and the Linux distribution is a version of Xandros optimized for netbooks.  We recommend you buy the Windows version unless you really know what you are doing!  If you want Windows XP, but need the extra hard drive space, let us know, and we can install Windows on your Linux laptop.

The battery life is fantastic - 3-6 hours, 7 on the outside.

The price is another advantage of this model.  It is very inexpensive for what it can do.  If you've been shopping around for laptops, check out the current price to the right - it's really good.  While there are slightly cheaper netbooks out there, you're usually giving up a lot by not buying this model, and you save very little.  The eee-pc is the ultra-portable netbook that others attempt to imitate.

The tiny size of this laptop means that the screen is small.  Don't get this without looking at one if you have great difficulty reading small things.  It's probably OK, though - most of our customers have found that their reading glasses make the screen work fine.

A couple of our customers have purchased the eee-901 on our recommendation, and they've been happy with them.  Two of our consultant associates own eee-pc models themselves.  This is a really good laptop if your primary concern is portability or price.