Website Portfolio

These are some of the featured client sites in our portfolio:

The Center for Psychotherapy was established in 1983 by Dr. Ralph Kaplan and Dr. Naomi Sadowsky.  The Center asked AFX to build them a new website to replace their outdated old site.

AFX was able to create a brand new look and feel for the site that used updated, modern versions of their old branding.  This created a feeling of consistency by remaining within the established brand identity.

Since AFX rebuilt the Center for Psychotherapy's website, their traffic and Google PageRank have risen considerably. 

Spiral Power is the web site for fitness trainer Susan Schaffer.  Susan is one of only two trained and certified Gyrotonic instructors in the St. Louis area.  Gyrotonic® training and equipment offer a unique system of exercises that embraces key movement principles found in yoga, swimming, gymnastics, dance and tai chi.

Susan wanted a purple website with curves, and no sharp ninety-degree corners in its layout.   She wanted the site to communicate a sense of fluid movement and life.  Susan also asked AFX to design a logo with a human figure with glowing red spiral energy flowing out of her hands and back in through her feet.  We took this spiral pattern and repeated variations of it several times throughout the layout, to give the website a consistent look and feel.

Going on Record is a web application which gives you, as a user, the ability to enter into a contract, known on the site as a "Record," over the Internet! Users are able to create and enter into lease agreements, sublease agreements, freelance contracts, loans and any other type of contract you can imagine.
Going on Record is easy to use. Simply register for the site, create a record, and send that record to another user, whether it is an associate, acquaintance or friend. When that user accepts the terms offered, a legal contract is created, and the record is binding!

The client for this project had a good, solid idea of what he wanted in terms of functionality, color scheme, and branding.  AFX took his idea for a website and developed the code to make it a reality.


Christie Overhead Door has its roots in the overhead door and access control industry for over 60+ years. They had a website that was created in the late 90's... and it showed. Christie was looking for a change... and they turned to AFX to make it happen.

The president of Christie Overhead Door, Andrew Cimmino contacted AFX to completely overhaul their website.  We started by outlining some of the goals for site.


  • Christie wanted to drive in more business using the website.
  • Modernize the logo and design.
  • Provide a way for customers to contact the office.
  • Showcase the quality work that the company does.

AFX Information Technology provided an entire end-to-end solution for Christie Overhead Door. We first setup reliable and affordable hosting for their website in our world-class data center.  AFX then assigned the project to our website development team. They started right away. By remaining in constant contact with the customer, we were able to quickly designed the website to the exact specifications that Mr. Cimmino wanted.


Employing the finest Mariners that this livelihood has to offer, Henry Marine Service has a limitless combined knowledge of the waterways to which they provide service.  They are capable of exceeding all expectations of “how a job is supposed to be done.”

AFX developed a web site that matches their business.  The blue color scheme evokes the water, and the large, prominent buttons, themed with images of Henry Marine boats, direct users to the most important areas of the website.  Features on this site include a photo gallery for users, a resume submission page, and a "Captain's Log" group blog area.

This site uses CMS technology to enable Henry Marine to easily edit the content of their site, change fonts, and so on.


Mythos Tomes is a themed site focusing on the writings of the late American author H. P. Lovecraft.  Often regarded as the father of the modern Gothic tradition, Lovecraft is a figure similar to Edgar Allen Poe. The literary tradition he founded, known as the "Cthulhu Mythos," persists to this day.

AFX designed and built a dynamic, community-driven web site that allows site visitors to submit articles and fiction in the vein of H.P. Lovecraft and his "Cthulhu Mythos."  The site includes a number of Web 2.0 style features, including:

  • A forum
  • An integrated wiki
  • User content submission
  • User profiles with themed fields 

We have also focused on increasing traffic to Mythos Tomes.  In just six months, AFX Search Engine Optimization technology and web marketing techniques took this website from 844 hits a month to over 21000 hits per month, and it continues to grow today.